Tuesday, 8 December 2015

War Memorials of Newnham in Hertfordshire

Newnham is a small village near Ashwell in Hertfordshire. The parish church is St Vincent's and features several medieval wall murals [1]. There has probably been a parish church at Newnham for over 1,000 years.  The earliest parts of the present north wall are thought to date from the 12th century, the chancel from the 13th, the tower and south aisle from the 14th and the clerestory windows and south porch from the 15th century.

The church, which is dedicated to St Vincent, serves a small village community of some 100 people. Since 1998 they have been part of the United Benefice of Ashwell, Hinxworth and Newnham – the Benefice includes the two redundant churches at the hamlets of St George, Edworth and St Mary Magdalene, Caldecote.

St Vincent's Church, Newnham, Hertfordshire

On the north wall of the nave fragments can be seen of medieval wall-paintings dating from the 14th and 15th centuries (some may be as early as the 13th century).  The best preserved of these shows the lower half of St Christopher - his feet, the base of his staff, cliffs and some lively looking fish in a turbulent stream.  Unfortunately, the upper half of the Saint with the infant Christ on his shoulders was unwittingly destroyed during the reconstruction of the nave roof in Victorian times. Other intriguing fragments await conservation; a mysterious circle with figures of strange beasts, and a human figure on the window edge close to the pulpit.  In fact there are traces of early colour beneath the limewash in many areas of the interior. [2]

Roll of Honour

The roll of honour comprises a hand-written roll on a pre-printed form [3].

Hand-written roll of honour at Newnham
Your prayers are asked
for those who have gone
to serve our King & Country
by land and sea and air

Our Roll of Honour
Brown, Percy (M.M)
Brown, Raymond E.
Glass, Edward
Glass, Harold
Haylock, Charles
Hine, Eric G.
Hine, Evelyn V
Jarman, Percy (Edmund)
Johnson, Harold (M.M)
Johnson, Leonard
Johnson, Percy (R.I.P)
Lucas, Harry
Lucas, Reginald
Muncey, Edmund P.
Norman, Harold K.
Norman, Walter L.
Stoten, William A.
Thurgood, Frederick J.
White, Reginald
Worboys, Frederick
Worboys, Thomas

Baylay, G. (G????????? F?????)
Baylay, Monica
Baylay, Peter
Berry, Michael
Berry, Oliver
Berry, Roger
Chamberlain, Elphinstone
Chandler, Percy S.
Chapman, Alfred W.
Damant, Reginald
Davey, Jack
Farr, Dinah
Gray, Dr Charles (Major RAMC)
Hammond, Edward
Hoy, Salter
Hoy, Albert W.
Hoy, Doris
Hoy, Bertram S.
Hoy, Stanley

Mynott, Arthur
Norman, John L
Picking, Harry Kenneth
Pettyjohn, William
Prator, Arthur
Roberts, Ronald
Rosendale, Charles Robert
Smith, Arthur
Surridge, Kenneth R.
Wilkins, Frederick

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