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War Memorial at Ayot St Lawrence in Hertfordshire

The village of Ayot St Lawrence has two churches. The old one, in the centre of the village, was partially demolished in 1775, because it was obstructing the view from Sir Lionel Lyde's new home. Field Marshal Frederick Rudolph Lambart, 10th Earl of Cavan, a British Army officer and Chief of the Imperial General Staff, is buried in the churchyard [1].

'Old' Church of St Lawrence, Ayot St Lawrence, Hertfordshire

The memorial is found in the grounds of the old church by the road. The memorial is a rough-hewn stone plinth surmounted by a wheel cross of sacrifice with a sword in relief on the front face of the cross. The Inscription is in smoothed stone at the front of the plinth for the fallen of both 1914/18 and 1939/45. The whole memorial is fenced in by a metal gate and a hedge [2].

1914/18 and 1939/45 War Memorial outside Ayot St Lawrence Old Church

This Cross is Erected In Memory of
Those Men Of Ayot St Lawrence
Who Laid Down Their Lives
 In The Great War 1914 – 1918
And 1939 – 1945
The memorial at Ayot St Lawrence includes the names of five men from the 1914/18 war and three from 1939/45.

H. Stagg Ryl Berks Regt
L Shadbolt Essex
J. Titmus Midsx
F. Martin R.F.A.
F Sheppard Beds

C. Penny Devons
E. Brown R.A.F.
C. Tuke Coldstream Gds

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